navigating a Word document with JAWS screen reader version 2020 and Orbit Reader Braille display

For this lesson, we will open Microsoft Word, braille some text, then learn to navigate the document. We will use a computer running Windows 10, JAWS screen reader version 2020 and an Orbit Reader 20 braille display. Before this lesson can begin, you need to be signed into the computer and the desktop should be showing. JAWS 2020 needs to be configured to use the Orbit Reader braille display. Microsoft Office needs to be installed on the computer. JAWS needs to be running and the Orbit needs to be turned on. This lesson assumes that you know where all of the keys are on the display. This lesson also assumes that Word is configured to start in a blank document.
To open Microsoft Word, do the following:
1. space with all six braille dots at the same time until typing mode is enabled. JAWS will say typing mode enabled and the same message will show on the braille display.
2. Press dots 1, 4, 7 and 8 all at the same time to open the start menu. The Orbit Reader 20 user guide says to press space with those keys, but when I tried it the command only worked without the space key.
3. Type “word” without the quotes.
4. Press dot 8. Dot 8 is the same as pressing Enter on the keyboard.
After you type in the document, you can use the following commands to navigate:
Space with dot 3 or dot 6 moves by character.
Space with dot 2 or five moves by word.
Space with dot 1 or dot 4 moves by line.
Space with dotss 1 2 and three goes to the top of the document.
Space with dots 4 5 and 6 goes to the bottom of the document.

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